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September 2014–June 2015


Brook, Angus.  Substance and the Primary Sense of Being in Aristotle   521-544

Cahill, Kevin M.  Quietism or Description? McDowell in Dispute with Dreyfus  395-409

Costanzo, Jason M.  Subjectivity and the Encounter with Being  593-614

Edelman, Christopher.  The Therapeutic Skepticism of Michel de Montaigne  781-801

Flage, Daniel E.  Descartes and the Real Distinction between Mind and Body  93-106

Gerson, Llyod P.  Plato’s Rational Souls  37-60

Halper, Edward C.  The Rationality of Being  487-520

Kluge, Eike-Henner W.  St. Thomas on the Incorruptibility of the Human Soul: A Reassessment of His Argument from Natural Desire  741-757

Knasas, John F. X.  The Intellectual Phenomenology of De Ente et Essentia, Chapter Four  107-153

Lau, Chong-Fuk.  Kant’s Transcendental Functionalism  371-94

Nicholson, Graeme.  Truth as a Phenomenon  803-832

Pappin, Gladden J.  Directing Philosophy: Aquinas, Studiousness, and Modern Curiosity  313-46

Rabinoff, Eve.  Aristotle on the Intelligibility of Perception  719-740

Sim, May.  From Metaphysics to Ethics: East and West  615-637

Van Woudenberg, René.  True Qualifiers for Qualified Truths  3-36

Warnke, Georgia.  Experiencing Tradition versus Belonging to It; Gadamer’s Dilemma  347-70

Weber, Gadi Charles.  Maimonides and the Epicurean Position on Providence  545-572

White, Kevin.  Act and Fact: On a Disputed Question in Recent Thomistic Metaphysics  287-312

Wiles, Anne M.  Dante on the Nature and Use of Language  759-779

Wippel, John F.  Cornelio Fabro on the Distinction and Composition of Essence and Esse in the Metaphysics of Thomas Aquinas  573-592

Zuckert, Catherine H.  Aristotelian Virtue Ethics and Modern Liberal Democracy  61-92

BOOK REVIEWS          

Summaries and Comments  155-219, 411-452, 639-686, 833-878

Reviewer Index  221-223, 453-454, 687-688, 879-880

Recent Titles in Philosophy (2014–2015)  881-888


Philosophical Abstracts  225-249, 455-476, 689-712, 889-913


Doctoral Dissertations  251-73

Faculty Updates  275-80

IN MEMORIAM  477, 711, 915

ANNOUNCEMENTS  281, 479, 917


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