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September 2009—June 2010


Atkinson, David and Jeanne Peijnenburg.  Crosswords and Coherence  807–20 

Bos, Abraham P.  Aristotle on the Difference Between Plants, Animals, and Human Beings and on the Elements as Instruments of the Soul (De Anima 2.4.415b18)  821–41 

Duff, Alexander S.  Stanley Rosen's Critique of Leo Strauss  615–42 

Duke, George.  Dummett and the Origins of Analytical Philosophy  329–47 

Elders, Leo.  The Aristotelian Commentaries of St. Thomas Aquinas  29–53 

Engelhardt, H. Tristram, Jr.  Kant, Hegel, and Habermas: Reflections on “Glauben und Wissen”  871–903 

Gabriel, Markus.  God's Transcendent Activity: Ontotheology in Metaphysics 12  385–414 

Hauser, Kai.  Cantor’s Concept of Set in the Light of Plato’s Philebus  783–805 

Herrera, Hugo Eduardo.  Salomon Maimon's Commentary on the Subject of the Given in Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason  593–613 

Hillman, T. Allan.  Substantial Simplicity in Leibniz: Form, Predication, & Truthmakers  91–138 

James, David.  Fichte on the Vocation of the Scholar and the (Mis)use of History  539–66 

Jaran, François.  Heidegger's Kantian Reading of Aristotle's Theologike Episteme  567–91

Jensen, Steven.  The Role of Teleology in the Moral Species  3–27

Lumsden, Simon.  Philosophy and the Logic of Modernity: Hegel's Dissatisfied Spirit  55–89

Ng, Karen.  Hegel's Logic of Actuality  139–72 

Pakaluk, Michael.  The Ultimate Final Argument  643–77

Spencer, Mark K.  A Reexamination of the Hylomorphic Theory of Death  843–70 

Taylor, Jameson.  Beyond Nature: Karol Wojtyla's Development of the Traditional Definition of Personhood  415–54 

Verene, Donald Phillip.  Metaphysics and the Origin of Culture  307–28 

Wood, James.  Is There an Archê Kakou in Plato?  349–84 


Summaries and Comments  173–221, 455–500, 679–728, 905–62

Reviewer Index  223–24, 501–02, 729–31, 963–65

Recent Titles in Philosophy (2009–2010)  967–75


Philosophical Abstracts  225–60, 503–23, 733–72, 977–96


Doctoral Dissertations  261–88

Faculty Updates  289–96

ANNOUNCEMENTS  299, 525–26, 775, 997


Errol E. Harris, 1908–2009.  By Philip T. Grier  297–98 

Ralph M. McInerny, 1929–2010.  By V. Bradley Lewis  773–74  

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