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September 2002–June 2003


Abizadeh, Arash, The Passions of the Wise: Phronêsis, Rhetoric and Aristotle’s Passionate Practical Deliberation 267-96

Barnes, Gordon P., The Paradoxes of Hylomorphism 501-23

Baxley, Anne Margaret, Does Kantian Virtue Amount to More than Continence? 559-86

De Dijn, Herman, Hume’s Nonreductionist Philosophical Anthropology 587-603

De Nys, Martin, If Everything Can Not-Be There Would Be Nothing: Another Look at the Third Way 99-122

Durie, Robin, Creativity and Life 357-83

Eardley, P. S., Thomas Aquinas and Giles of Rome on the Will 835-62

Felt, James W., Epochal Time and the Continuity of Experience 19-36

Forster, Michael N., Herder’s Philosophy of Language, Interpretation, and Translation: Three Fundamental Principles 323-56

Gurtler, Gary M., The Activity of Happiness in Aristotle’s Ethics 801-34

Hassing, Richard F., Leibniz without Physics 721-61

Janssens, David, The Problem of the Enlightenment: Strauss, Jacobi, and the Pantheism Controversy 605-31

Maloney, Thomas S., Roger Bacon on the Division of Statements into Single/Multiple and Simple/Composed 297-321

Meier, Heinrich, Why Political Philosophy? 385-407

Piercey, Robert, Doing Philosophy Historically 779-800

Pollok, Konstantin, “Fabricating a World in Accordance with Mere Fantasy . . .”? The Origins of Kant’s Critical Theory of Matter 61-97

Possenti, Vittorio, Nature, Life, and Teleology 37-60

Rescher, Nicholas, Principia Philosophiae 3-17

Robinson, Daniel N., How Religious Experience “Works”: Jamesian Pragmatism and Its Warrants 763-78

Uffenheimer-Lippens, Elisabeth, Rationalized Passion and Passionate Rationality: Thomas Aquinas on the Relation between Reason and the Passions 525-58

Yancy, George, Paul Weiss: Addressing Persistent Root Questions Until the Very End 123-55


Summaries and Comments 157-209, 409-71, 633-90, 863-912

Reviewer Index 211-12, 473-75, 691-92, 913-14

Recent Titles in Philosophy 915-21


Philosophical Abstracts 213-24, 477-87, 693-708, 923-35


Doctoral Dissertations 225-44

Retiring Professors 249-52

ANNOUNCEMENTS 489, 709, 937-38


Paul Weiss, 1901-2002. By John Silber 253-4

John Rawls, 1921-2002. By James P. Sterba 711-3

Seth Benardete, 1930-2001. By Ronna Burger 939-41

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