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September 2007–June 2008


Bernstein, Richard, The Conversation That Never Happened (Gadamer/Derrida)  577-603 

Capeilleres, Fabien, Philosophy as Science: “Function” and “Energy” in Cassirer’s “Complex System” of Symbolic Forms 317-77

Ciavatta, David, Hegel on Desire’s Knowledge 527-54 

De Nys, Martin, Dimensions of Absolute Knowing 555-76 

Frank, William A., Hyacinth Gerdil’s Anti-Emile: A Prophetic Moment in the Philosophy of Education 237-61 

Goodman, Lenn E., Value and the Dynamics of Being 61-80 

Grant, Edward, The Fate of Ancient Greek Natural Philosophy in the Middle Ages: Islam and Western Christianity 503-26 

Hayes, Josh, Deconstructing Dasein: Heidegger’s Earliest Interpreta­tions of Aristotle’s “De Anima” 263-93

Jensen, Alexander S., The Influence of Schleiermacher’s Second Speech on Religion on Heidegger’s Concept of Ereignis 815-26

Kisner, Matthew J., Spinoza’s Virtuous Passions 759-83 

Korab-Karpowicz, W.J, Heidegger’s Hidden Path: From Philosophy to Politics  295-315 

McInerny, Ralph, Some Reflections on Aristotle and Elitism 489-502 

O’Connor, John K., Precedents in Aristotle and Brentano for Husserl’s Concern with Metabasis 737-57

Rand, Sebastian, The Importance and Relevance of Hegel’s Philosophy of Nature  379-400 

Roochnik, David, Aristotle’s Defense of the Theoretical Life: Comments on “Politics 7" 711-35 

Santoni, Ronald E., Camus on Sartre’s “Freedom”—Another “Misunderstanding" 785-813 

Sikka, Sonia, Herder’s Critique of Pure Reason 31-50 

Stovall, Preston, Hegel’s Realism: The Implicit Metaphysics of Self-Knowledge  81-117 

Weiss, Raymond L., Darwin and the Question of Form: The Greek Connection 51-60

White, Kevin, Wanting Something for Someone: Aquinas on Complex Motions of Appetite 3-30 


Summaries and Comments 119-72, 401-54, 605-74, 827-70

Reviewer Index 173-74, 455-57, 675-77, 871-72


Philosophical Abstracts 175-96, 459-81, 679-99, 873-900


Doctoral Dissertations 197-217

Visiting Professors 219-23

Retiring Professors 223-24

ANNOUNCEMENTS 227, 701, 903


Richard Rorty, 1931-2007. By Richard J. Bernstein 225-26

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