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September 2006–June 2007


Avramenko, Richard, The Wound and Salve of Time: Augustine’s Politics of Human Happiness 779-811

Brock, Stephen L., On Whether Aquinas’s Ipsum Esse Is “Platonism” 269-303

Brower-Toland, Susan, Facts vs. Things: Adam Wodeham and the Later Medieval Debate About Objects of Judgment 597-642

Cahill, Kevin, The Concept of Progress in Wittgenstein’s Thought 71-100

Côté, Antoine, Siger and the Skeptic 305-25

De Groot, Jean, Is Aristotelian Science Possible? A Commentary on MacIntyre and McMullin 463-77

Engelmann, Edward M., Scientific Demonstration in Aristotle, Theoria, and Reductionism 479-506

Feger, Hans, The Chain of Freedom: Moral Autonomy with Cosmopolitan Intent 833-53

Frank, William A., Authority and the Common Good in Democratic Governance 813-32

Haldane, John, Ethics, Religion, and Relativism 121-39

Kaplan, Morton A., Human Reason and a Common World: Why Wittgenstein and Rawls Are Both Wrong 359-84

Korab-Karpowicz, W. J., In Defense of International Order: Grotius’s Critique of Machiavellism 55-71

Lang, Berel, Die Schuldfrage Sixty Years After 101-19

Lewis, V. Bradley, Plato’s Minos: The Political and Philosophical Context of the Problem of Natural Right 17-53

Long, Christopher, Saving Ta Legomena: Aristotle and the History of Philosophy 247-67

Massie, Pascal, The Actual Infinite as a Day or the Games 573-96

Mei, Todd S., Justice and the Banning of the Poets: The Way of Hermeneutics in Plato’s Republic 755-78

Robinson, Daniel N., Rhetoric and Character in Aristotle 3-15

Sweeney, Michael J., Philosophy and Jihad: Al-Farabi on Compulsion to Happiness 543-72

Watson, Stephen H., Heidegger, Paul Klee, and the Origin of the Work of Art 327-57

Weigelt, Charlotta, The Relations Between Logic and Ontology in the “Metaphysics” 507-41

Wippel, John F., Thomas Aquinas on the Ultimate Why Question: Why Is There Anything At All, Rather Than Nothing Whatsoever? 731-53


Summaries and Comments 141-86, 385-432, 643-99, 855-96

Reviewer Index 187-88, 433-34, 701-02, 897-98

Recent Titles in Philosophy 899-913


Philosophical Abstracts 189-209, 435-57, 703-23, 915-33


Doctoral Dissertations 211-30

Visiting Professors 231-35

Retiring Professors 235-37


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