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September 2016–June 2017


Blackson, Thomas. The Rationalization Explanation 59-86

Brann, Eva. Presocratics or First Philosophers? 435-451

Bunge, Mario. Modes of Existence 225-234

Callard, Agnes. Everyone Desires the Good: Socrates’ Protreptic Theory of Desire 617-644

Dahlstrom, Daniel O. Heidegger’s Initial Interpretation of Parmenides: An “Excursus” in the 1922 Lectures on Aristotelian Texts 507-527

Davis, Michael. This and That: On Plato’s Laches 253-277

Desmond, William. Flux-Gibberish: For and Against Heraclitus 473-505

Goldstick, D. Rational Inconsistency 117-122

Halper, Edward C. Heraclitus and the Possibility of Metaphysics 453-472

Kryluk, Michael. Gallows Pole: Is Kant’s Fact of Reason a Transcendental Argument? 695-725

Lucas, George. Anaximander and the Ordering of Time: Metaphysics Viewed from the Margins of History 529-549

Massie, Pascal. Diodorus Cronus and the Logic of Time 279-309

Olver, Jordan. Bonum Nostrum: Thomas Aquinas and Love of Others for Their Own Sake 663-694

Peterson, Anne Siebels. The Primacy of Organism: Being, Unity, and Diversification in Aristotle’s Metaphysics 645-661

Priou, Alex. “. . . Going Further on Down the Road . . .” The Origin and Foundations of Milesian Thought 3-31

Rescher, Nicholas. On the Rationale of Philosophical Disagreement 235-252

Scott, David. On the Crassness of Leibniz’s Metaphysics 311-337

Smith, Thomas W. Love of the Good as the Cure for Spiritedness in Plato’s Republic 33-58

Stoner, Samuel A. On the Primacy of the Spectator in Kant’s Account of Genius 87-116

Weigelt, Charlotta. The Now as Number, Point, and Limit: Reconsidering Heidegger’s Verdict on Aristotle’s Concept of Time 727-765

Wilson, Jeffrey Dirk. Wonder and the Discovery of Being: Homeric Myth and the Natural Genera of Early Greek Philosophy 411-433


Summaries and Comments 123-156, 339-370, 551-584, 767-800

Reviewer Index 157-158, 371-372, 585-586, 801-802


Philosophical Abstracts 159-186, 373-397, 587-611, 803-828


Doctoral Dissertations 187-212

Faculty Updates 213-219

ANNOUNCEMENTS 221, 613, 829

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